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Authors Note:
Most of the items on my bucketlist have to do with Cheerleading, or Drag Racing. I have been doing these two activities for around 8 years, and they are a large part of my life. There are things that I need to work on to improve my abilities with these activities, which is why they are on my bucketlist. For cheerleading, I would like to improve my tumbling and basing skills, so I can join the 18+ team. On my bucketlist is to get my back handspring, side aerial, and to improve my basing skills. For Drag Racing, I have the goal to win my third Ironman, preferably this year. Since I have moved up into a full size Top Dragster, and racing against adults, I would like to prove myself by winning my third Ironman. I would also like to attend the Gatornationals in Gainesville Florida, even just to spectate so it can inspire me to become a better racer. 
The items on my list that don't have to do with Cheerleading or Drag Racing, are more to do with having fun, or things that I want to do. There are things that I would someday like to do, so creating my bucketlist may inspire me to do these things. The bucketlist inspired me for my "now what" which were to: wear a maxi dress, attempt an aerial, and to partake in Fishbowl Friday. I had a lot of fun trying these things (even though some didn't work out perfectly) but at least I can cross them off of my bucketlist. 
Even though most of my bucketlist is about Cheerleading or Drag Racing, it is a large part of who I am, and most of the things I want to achieve are with these activities. 
I apologize in advance for all of the Cheerleading music you will here.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Creating Dialogue

Damion walked to Jamal's house from his barbour shop after getting a fresh haircut. Damion knocked on the fire truck red coloured door, and waited for a reply. "It's open!" Yelled Jamal from inside the house. Damion opened the door, when he didn't see Jamal he yelled "Where are you, bro?", "I'm in the den!" Replied Jamal. Damion walked to the den with a little 'swag' in his step. When he reached the den, he saw Jamal drawing and looking at pictures on the internet. "What the drawing for?" Damion asked. "Just sketching some ideas for my next tattoo," Jamal answered "When's you're next tattoo appointment?" Damion hadn't planned on getting another tattoo. He couldn't think of anything else he wanted on his colourful body, nor did he want one. He didnt want to seem lame in front of Jamal, so he thought of a quick answer. "Man, I don't know if I'm getting anymore tats." He said. "My girl don't like them." Jamal looked at him with sympathy. "Girls, man." He said. "Anyways, I'm just about done. Wanna hit up Denny's for a burger?" Jamal asked. "Yeah man, for sure." Damian replied, "But first, let's take a selfie." 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Ted Reflection

The TedX presentation was a really amazing event. All of the speeches that were made had different topics, and were very interesting to listen to. I enjoyed the TedX event, because it was fun to go to with my friends, and it was also cool to talk about the speeches afterwards with them. I feel bad for the classmates that didn't go, because they really missed out on some great speeches and memories. My favourite speaker was Abigail, because her voice and speech was very polished and prepared. Aside from her speech seeming to be the most prepared, her message was straightforward and to the point, without her seeming like she didn't know what she was talking about. Her speech inspired me to use less technology, and to live in the moment with people. To be 'all there', as she said, and to be social without using social networking. She gave us a task; to not use our phone for a whole day, or for a certain time frame. Although I have not tried this yet, it is my next goal to try and see how I feel without technology, and more verbal interaction. 
I would recommend future classes attend this event, it was very eye opening and a great experience. I would like to attend this event again in the future. 

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quick write - worst meal.

The worst meal I could imagine would smell like you got attacked by the creatures in the sea. It would smell very salty, and fishy. The smell would be as though you were to get slapped across the face with a rotten fish. The taste of this meal would taste like a garden that hasn't been watered or tended to in a long time. Bitter, dry, and tough to chew. The taste would linger in your mouth and you would feel the texture of the rough dried out, soiled garden. No amount of water can get rid of the taste, no amount of spray can get rid of the smell. This would be, the worst meal for me. 

Quickwrite - Eden

My Eden may be a bit of an odd mix. First of all, I would need my space to be split in half. One half of this space would be an enclosed gym to satisfy my cheerleading needs. This gym would be surrounded with windows so you can see outside on sunny days. Inside this gym would be a top of the line air conditioning system and everything would be a light or dark shade of purple. The gym would be split into two rooms, one room would have a spring gymnastics floor covering the floor. This area would be used to run the cheer routine, and practice stunts. In this same room would be a viewing space with plush chairs to keep my guests comfy while watching the routine. This room would have a camera in front, which would be connected to a big screen to be able to watch the routine on playback.  The second room in my gym would be filled with training equipment: spring floors, trampolines, tumbletrak, foam mats, foam pit, all to perfect our team tumbling. 

The second half of my Eden would be the best drag racing track I have seen. The track itself would be smoothed an glued to perfection. The tower where the executives and announcers watch from would be all glass, and about 7 stories tall for better viewing. The stands of spectators would have padded seating for comfort, and shaded over hangs for hot sunny days. The concession stand would have a wide variety of food, to please any guest, and would be prepared to perfection at a resonable price. For the racers, each person has their own space to tune their cars, and clear their head. With all of their favourite snacks and beverages. Shaded overhangs would be provided so that cars and drivers don't get too hot. At the end of each race, there would be a professional photographer to take pictures of the driver and car, and would be provided for free as a momento. 

Both of my passions would be mixed into one space, drag racing and cheerleading. Which is why this would be my Eden. 

Monday, 28 April 2014

Skype Session - April 28th/2014

I think the session today went well. Every session with the Grade 3 class in Thompson is interesting, and always amusing. I enjoy kids, and seeing how they interact, so it's really cool to be able to Skype with them, have them learn from us, and have us learn from them. I think today's session went the best out of all of them in a way, because we were able to show them what we created out of what they taught us. It gives them a sense of accomplishment, becuase they got to teach grade 12's how to do something, and it was cool to see their reactions to that.

I enjoy the collaborations with the grade 3 class, because kids are an overall joy to see and interact with. Its interesting to see how they use social media at such a young age, and how it differs from the way we use social media. The class also seems really well behaved, which is nice to see from such a young class, and our class could probably use a lesson on behaviour from them.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

How to Snapchat Your Friends (Responsibly)

Step 1: Go to the App Store on your apple or android device. Type the word 'Snapchat' into the search bar, and tap 'FREE+' to download. 

Step 2: go to your homepage on your device and open your brand new, Snapchat app! 

Step 3: Tap the list icon in the bottom right corner to add your friends to your friend list. Once on the new page, tap the icon in the top right corner (shaped like a person with a + sign). 

Step 4: Type your friend's usernames to add them to your friend list. 

Step 5: Tap the camera icon in te top left coned to start Snapchatting. 

Step 6: Take an appropriate picture of yourself or what you are doing. Megan and I prefer to send ugly selfies. 

Step 7: Tap on the picture to add any words. Then tap the pencil icon in the top righ corner to add and funny doodles to your picture. 

Step 8: Tap the arrow in the bottom right corner. Once at your list of friends, tap the names of the people you want to send the picture to.
Tap 'My Story' at the top of the list to send to all of your friend list. 

Monday, 21 April 2014

Niagara Falls

This is officially my moms new favourite photo of me.. Touring Niagara Falls and Clifton Hill last weekend 

Nationals 2014

A little over a week ago, my cheerleading team competed on this amazing stage at the Cheerleading Nationals in Niagara Falls. It was such a rush performing for such a large audience! We finished 9th in Canada. 

IGNITE Photocredit

Photo Credit:

Slide 1: Megan Pelissier
Slide 2: Kim Pelissier
Slide 3: Kim Pelissier
Slide 4: All 3; Kim Pelissier
Slide 5: Kim Pelissier
Slide 6:
Slide 7:
Slide 8:
Slide 9:
Slide 10: Paul Pelissier
Slide 11:
Slide 12: Jeff Derksen, Perfect Pose Photography
Slide 13: Kim Pelissier
Slide 14: Kim Pelissier
Slide 15: Paul Pelissier
Slide 16: Castrol Raceway
Slide 17: Dale Hickey
Slide 18: Megan Pelissier
Slide 19: Picture 1; Kandy Mitton. Picture 2; Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School
Slide 20: Paul Pelissier

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mid Semester Reflection

6 Word Memoirs: Grade A

I believe I did really well on my 6 word memoirs, and also did well with handing them in on time. I put a lot of work into them, and a lot of thought into what quote would work best for each picture. One thing I felt I could have done better was which app I used to add the quotes. The app I used wouldn’t let you save the picture, so I had to screenshot. There was a little block in the corner of each picture that said “remove”, and sometimes I couldn’t crop it out without removing some of the words from the quote on the picture. Overall, I was happy with the results of my 6 Word Memoirs, and even use one as the lock screen on my phone. I felt this assignment brought out a more creative side of me. I tried to pick more ‘artistic’ looking photos and filters, which font would look better with which picture, etc. I usually don’t do many “creative” things per say, so this assignment brought out more of an artistic side of me.


IGNITE Presentation: Grade A

I believe my Ignite presentation went really well. I tried to make the presentation as personal as possible, with contributing information about Drag Racing at the same time. Based on the comments from my peers, I would say they learnt more about Drag Racing then they had known before. I also think I did well on handing the presentation in on time. The thing that needed work with my presentation was my nerves. I really hate presenting, and I was really nervous. However, I did better than I expected, and I pushed through the nerves which is why I gave myself and A. What I learned from this project is that it takes me a longer time as a thinker/writer to think of what I needed to say for the project, and put it into words to match the presentation. I think the words went well with the slides, but it took me a longer amount of time to piece it together.


Blogging: Grade C

What I do well with my blog is posting assignments on time. I mostly use the blog for posting assignments, so I make sure they are on time. I have only made a couple personal posts on my blog, which is something I need to work on. I’m not used to blogging, so I was mostly using it with school in mind, which is why I mostly post only assignments. Something else I can work on is visiting other classmate’s blogs. I have only visited one other person’s blog, one time. Going back to what I said before, I looked at the blog from a more academic standpoint, not from a social standpoint. This is something I can work on.


Connecting and Engaging: Grade B

I Believe I participate well in class, and with class discussions. I participate well with commenting, when we are told to comment, I comment on time. I struggle with commenting on a more social standpoint on others blogs. I can work on commenting on others blogs when it’s not instructed. I also do well with attending class on a regular basis, however lately I have had other conflicts. Usually, I rarely miss school unless I absolutely have to.


Three Goals:
1. Post more personal posts on my blog.

2. Post more comments on my classmate’s blogs, and visit their blogs more frequently.

3. Participating more in class.

Monday, 17 March 2014


Throwback to Disney world.. Really wanted these ears, but they were too expensive for my liking. A picture satisfied me enough. 

Cheerleading trip

This past weekend, I had a trip with my cheerleading team to Regina. It was great because I got to bond with my fellow teammates. I believe our team got closer. Even though we only won 4th, we hit a perfect routine with only 2 deductions, and to me that's a win. I feel so much more confident about our team after this weekend, and know that we will kill it at our next competition on Sunday! 

Skype Reflection

1)    My group presented the punctuation mini lesson. The way we presented it to the kids was using a traffic light analogy, which I thought helped them to understand better. After reading the six word memoirs they wrote, I felt as though they picked up on the topic of punctuation quite well. The idea of the traffic light helped them understand. The red light was used to represent the period, the yellow light represents the coma, and the green light was used to represent the explanation mark. For the question mark, we came up with the analogy of a pothole in the road. First, you would wonder why it was there, then swerve around it, making the shape of a question mark. We drew a diagram of all of these things, which I believe helped show a visual of what we were explaining.

2)     I feel our mini lesson went well. Even before we started presenting, they were commenting on how the previous memoirs were missing a period, which shows that they knew a bit about punctuation. Throughout the mini lesson they seemed to be understanding, and when we saw the memoirs they wrote with the punctuation all there, shows that they got it. I believe the only weakness we had with our group was not being able to get everyone to say something during the presentation, because we had a fairly large group.

3)    What I learned about this process was that teaching helps me understand the topic better. Even though I knew how to use proper punctuation before, the analogy of the traffic light added a different visual for me. I believe that teaching and learning are both connected; when you teach, you learn.

4)    I think we should continue to help teach them about the topics that we are currently learning. I think we should do this, because I feel like teaching the topic helped me to understand it to a larger extent. Not only do they learn from us, but we get a deeper understanding of the topic from creating the lessons. 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

6 Word Memoir - ME


The text in this picture pretty much sums me up in 6 words… I throw people, and pass them. My two biggest passions are cheerleading, and drag racing. I’m a base for cheerleading, which means I get to throw flyers, hold them up, etc. Therefore; I throw people. For drag racing, I drive fast, and therefore pass people. These two activities will be a part of my life forever, one way or another. My passion for cheerleading and drag racing is quite large… they constantly take over my thoughts throughout the day. The only editing I did to these pictures was brighten the contrast, and then piece them together using PicStitch.
P. Pelissier, E. Snell

6 Word Memoir - MY FUTURE


I’m not sure exactly what the future holds for me. However, I know that wherever life takes me I will “live life in the fast lane” and continue with my passion for drag racing. I’ve been drag racing since I was 11, in a Jr. Dragster. Last summer I graduated from this program, and was offered a driving opportunity in a full size Top Dragster, which is capable of over 200 mph… Quite the step up from and 85 mph car. I went to a drag racing school over Winter Break in Florida, and this picture was taken of me. I’m very excited for racing starting in May, and to continue my passion for racing. I’m not sure what’s in store for my racing career, but I’m excited to see what the future holds for my racing career.
P. Pelissier

6 Word Memoir - MY PAST


This picture is of me in grade 5. My interests were drag racing, dance, cheerleading, multi-coloured hair extensions, and Stitches animated t-shirts. I believe the text relates quite well with this photo, because well… We all had that ugly phase. Although I look back at pictures of myself and laugh, and think about how much I have changed, I also believe I’m still somewhat the same. I’ve changed in ways such as style, and better haircuts. However, I still have the exact same interests. The things I was passionate about then (drag racing, dance, cheerleading) , I’m still passionate about now. My passion for these three activities has grown. I am a little embarrassed about the clothes I wore, and the way I did my hair back then, however I’m proud of my younger self for having my own sense of style out of everyone else. I changed my haircut all the time, because I felt like it, and didn’t care what anyone else thought. Part of me wishes I still had that outlook.
Linwood School

6 Word Memoir - Confession


I’m not perfect. Wish I was. I chose this photo of me for this memoir, because it is just a regular photo of me that my friend took of me. It’s not a “selfie” that took me 50 tries to get the perfect shot. There’s no posing or any anticipation whatsoever. It is just a picture of me naturally. I do not think I’m perfect. Of course as a girl, there are things about myself that I would change appearance wise. However, there are things about my outlook and attitude that I would like to change also. I wish I was able to be patient, or to be bubbly. I feel as if my persona blends in. I’m more quiet and shy, until you break the shell and I feel comfortable. I wish I could be more outgoing, but that may never change. I believe the text I chose fits well with the description of myself.
B. McMahon

6 Word Memoir - FAMILY


I do not have any siblings. I am however blessed with two awesome parents, and other extended family. Living as an only child can get a little lonely, although I do enjoy the alone time. I’ve had dogs since the day I was born, and they become like siblings in a way. In the text, I highlighted the word “siblings” to show the significance of it in the text.  Although my dogs are not related siblings, they acted as siblings when I was lonely. I have two dogs, but this picture is with my oldest dog, Milly. Milly is quite possibly the sweetest dog ever, and she’s so special to me. As she’s grown up over the past 10 years, she has become such a softy for attention, and always comes seeking it whenever she wants. She does try to be a guard dog to people she doesn’t know, but after 5 minutes she’s on her back expecting a tummy rub. My other dog, Maxie, never sits still long enough to take photos. I think we have a grand total of 2 for the 5 years we have had her… Maxie can be misunderstood, she’s afraid of everything. She thinks she’s a lap dog, even though she’s 80 lbs. Maxie is quite possibly the weirdest dog I’ve ever had, but I suppose that makes things more interesting. I love dogs, and I could never live without a dog in my life.
K. Pelissier

6 Word Memoir- LOVE

This picture fits well with the topic of love, for the obvious reason of the word being in it. However, this picture fits well with the words of the six word memoir because love involves doing things that make you happy, or being with people who make you happy. This picture, although it took a while for us all to be in sync, (actually, it was mostly me trying to stay in a V shape that was the problem) it was actually really fun to take. Love includes doing things that make you happy, and I consider having fun to be part of this.
M. McNaughton

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Scavenger Hunt #4

When I was little 

Scavenger Hunt #3

Close up 

Scavenger Hunt #2


Scavenger Hunt #1

Black and white 

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Collage of all of he photos from the scavenger hunt. 
Black and white 
When I was little..

M. Pelissier 

Monday, 3 March 2014

RA #4

Lindsay- Last year on valentines day I got 22 roses. Hoping to get at least 25 this year. #statusquo

Elody- I should be wearing a jacket since this is Connecticut winter season.. But why hide what you can flaunt? #sorrynotsorry

Sam- going from the bottom to the top of the social pyramid has made life easier. Mess something up, people forget about it days later. #win

Sam- thinking back to the days when I had no friends. People would say 'what's red white and weird all over? Sam!' #tbt #embarrassing

Sarah- can't believe Lindsay stole the last spot in the lot.. I totally had it. Had to walk .22 miles in the rain. #soaked #notimpressed

Sarah- got kicked off the swim team for being late. This is Lindsay's fault! Gonna make her pay.. #watchout

Kent- worked really hard on the rose I'm giving to Sam. Hope she likes it and comes to my party tonight #excited

Lindsay- Alex out for lunch with Anna? Thought he was dating Bridget.. Scandal? ;) #oops #secret

Sam-physically ready for a night of fun. So why am I so mentally nervous? Gotta shake these feelings. #nervous

Rob- I've been waiting for this night for a long time.. Hope you don't ditch me for no reason again. #subtweet

Lindsay- Juliet better think twice before she messes with my girls and I. Not gonna be so nice next time #watchout

Ally- wish Elody would stop playing 'Splinter' by Fallacy.. She's so annoying sometimes #hatethatsong

Sam- all this déjà Vu is stressing me out.. Don't know the difference between what's real and what's a memory.. #helpme

Lindsay- don't know what's up with Sam.. She better pull it together before tonight, she's got a lot of work to do.

Elody- Sam's acting weird, but I'm sure it's nothing a little alcohol can't drown out tonight #party

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Today we read to a grade 3 classroom in Thompson over Skype. It was really a cool experience! Of course, the kids are adorable, and made the whole experience awesome. I think my favourite part was how excited they were about the book, and how into it they were. They were saying 'Mortimer, be quiet!' Along with us, and stomping their feet as well. They really made the book more interesting for us, and I would love to do this with them again. 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Quick Write- Wasted Time

Agree. Wasting time to me is doing something that doesn't serve a purpose, or something that you could choose not to do, but do anyway. If your doing something that you enjoy doing, for example I like to browse twitter, the purpose it serves is my enjoyment. Not everything you do has to have a specific purpose to your life, sometimes enjoyment is all we need. If you enjoy wasting that time, then it is not time wasted. If you don't enjoy wasting that time, then it is time wasted.

Quick Write- Rewind or Pause

I would want a rewind button in my life. The reason I would prefer a rewind button over a pause is because it gives you the possibility to relive things that were perfect, or to redo things that weren't. A pause button only pauses the moment (which could be helpful in stressful situations). However, I would rather have the option to relive things, to redo things. I'm a perfectionist. If things don't go the way I want them to, I get anxiety. With the rewind button I could redo these situations to make them right. There are also moments I don't want to forget, so I could rewind and relive the moment as many times as I want. 

Quick write- which door?

I would choose the Hogwarts door. I would choose this door because I am most familiar with Harry Potter. I also think I would make a great wizard. Everytime I watched a Harry Potter movie, I would go home and use a wooden spoon as a wand (when I was younger of course). I always wanted to be Hermione, because she's fearless, but mostly because she's the main female lead. Even now, I would love to feel the adrenaline that the characters feel, and step into their shoes for at least one day. Being able to perform magic would be amazing.  However, I may leave after Voldemort shows up because that's a little too intense for me.