Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mid Semester Reflection

6 Word Memoirs: Grade A

I believe I did really well on my 6 word memoirs, and also did well with handing them in on time. I put a lot of work into them, and a lot of thought into what quote would work best for each picture. One thing I felt I could have done better was which app I used to add the quotes. The app I used wouldn’t let you save the picture, so I had to screenshot. There was a little block in the corner of each picture that said “remove”, and sometimes I couldn’t crop it out without removing some of the words from the quote on the picture. Overall, I was happy with the results of my 6 Word Memoirs, and even use one as the lock screen on my phone. I felt this assignment brought out a more creative side of me. I tried to pick more ‘artistic’ looking photos and filters, which font would look better with which picture, etc. I usually don’t do many “creative” things per say, so this assignment brought out more of an artistic side of me.


IGNITE Presentation: Grade A

I believe my Ignite presentation went really well. I tried to make the presentation as personal as possible, with contributing information about Drag Racing at the same time. Based on the comments from my peers, I would say they learnt more about Drag Racing then they had known before. I also think I did well on handing the presentation in on time. The thing that needed work with my presentation was my nerves. I really hate presenting, and I was really nervous. However, I did better than I expected, and I pushed through the nerves which is why I gave myself and A. What I learned from this project is that it takes me a longer time as a thinker/writer to think of what I needed to say for the project, and put it into words to match the presentation. I think the words went well with the slides, but it took me a longer amount of time to piece it together.


Blogging: Grade C

What I do well with my blog is posting assignments on time. I mostly use the blog for posting assignments, so I make sure they are on time. I have only made a couple personal posts on my blog, which is something I need to work on. I’m not used to blogging, so I was mostly using it with school in mind, which is why I mostly post only assignments. Something else I can work on is visiting other classmate’s blogs. I have only visited one other person’s blog, one time. Going back to what I said before, I looked at the blog from a more academic standpoint, not from a social standpoint. This is something I can work on.


Connecting and Engaging: Grade B

I Believe I participate well in class, and with class discussions. I participate well with commenting, when we are told to comment, I comment on time. I struggle with commenting on a more social standpoint on others blogs. I can work on commenting on others blogs when it’s not instructed. I also do well with attending class on a regular basis, however lately I have had other conflicts. Usually, I rarely miss school unless I absolutely have to.


Three Goals:
1. Post more personal posts on my blog.

2. Post more comments on my classmate’s blogs, and visit their blogs more frequently.

3. Participating more in class.

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