Tuesday, 11 March 2014

6 Word Memoir - FAMILY


I do not have any siblings. I am however blessed with two awesome parents, and other extended family. Living as an only child can get a little lonely, although I do enjoy the alone time. I’ve had dogs since the day I was born, and they become like siblings in a way. In the text, I highlighted the word “siblings” to show the significance of it in the text.  Although my dogs are not related siblings, they acted as siblings when I was lonely. I have two dogs, but this picture is with my oldest dog, Milly. Milly is quite possibly the sweetest dog ever, and she’s so special to me. As she’s grown up over the past 10 years, she has become such a softy for attention, and always comes seeking it whenever she wants. She does try to be a guard dog to people she doesn’t know, but after 5 minutes she’s on her back expecting a tummy rub. My other dog, Maxie, never sits still long enough to take photos. I think we have a grand total of 2 for the 5 years we have had her… Maxie can be misunderstood, she’s afraid of everything. She thinks she’s a lap dog, even though she’s 80 lbs. Maxie is quite possibly the weirdest dog I’ve ever had, but I suppose that makes things more interesting. I love dogs, and I could never live without a dog in my life.
K. Pelissier

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