Monday, 26 May 2014

Creating Dialogue

Damion walked to Jamal's house from his barbour shop after getting a fresh haircut. Damion knocked on the fire truck red coloured door, and waited for a reply. "It's open!" Yelled Jamal from inside the house. Damion opened the door, when he didn't see Jamal he yelled "Where are you, bro?", "I'm in the den!" Replied Jamal. Damion walked to the den with a little 'swag' in his step. When he reached the den, he saw Jamal drawing and looking at pictures on the internet. "What the drawing for?" Damion asked. "Just sketching some ideas for my next tattoo," Jamal answered "When's you're next tattoo appointment?" Damion hadn't planned on getting another tattoo. He couldn't think of anything else he wanted on his colourful body, nor did he want one. He didnt want to seem lame in front of Jamal, so he thought of a quick answer. "Man, I don't know if I'm getting anymore tats." He said. "My girl don't like them." Jamal looked at him with sympathy. "Girls, man." He said. "Anyways, I'm just about done. Wanna hit up Denny's for a burger?" Jamal asked. "Yeah man, for sure." Damian replied, "But first, let's take a selfie." 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Ted Reflection

The TedX presentation was a really amazing event. All of the speeches that were made had different topics, and were very interesting to listen to. I enjoyed the TedX event, because it was fun to go to with my friends, and it was also cool to talk about the speeches afterwards with them. I feel bad for the classmates that didn't go, because they really missed out on some great speeches and memories. My favourite speaker was Abigail, because her voice and speech was very polished and prepared. Aside from her speech seeming to be the most prepared, her message was straightforward and to the point, without her seeming like she didn't know what she was talking about. Her speech inspired me to use less technology, and to live in the moment with people. To be 'all there', as she said, and to be social without using social networking. She gave us a task; to not use our phone for a whole day, or for a certain time frame. Although I have not tried this yet, it is my next goal to try and see how I feel without technology, and more verbal interaction. 
I would recommend future classes attend this event, it was very eye opening and a great experience. I would like to attend this event again in the future.