Monday, 3 March 2014

RA #4

Lindsay- Last year on valentines day I got 22 roses. Hoping to get at least 25 this year. #statusquo

Elody- I should be wearing a jacket since this is Connecticut winter season.. But why hide what you can flaunt? #sorrynotsorry

Sam- going from the bottom to the top of the social pyramid has made life easier. Mess something up, people forget about it days later. #win

Sam- thinking back to the days when I had no friends. People would say 'what's red white and weird all over? Sam!' #tbt #embarrassing

Sarah- can't believe Lindsay stole the last spot in the lot.. I totally had it. Had to walk .22 miles in the rain. #soaked #notimpressed

Sarah- got kicked off the swim team for being late. This is Lindsay's fault! Gonna make her pay.. #watchout

Kent- worked really hard on the rose I'm giving to Sam. Hope she likes it and comes to my party tonight #excited

Lindsay- Alex out for lunch with Anna? Thought he was dating Bridget.. Scandal? ;) #oops #secret

Sam-physically ready for a night of fun. So why am I so mentally nervous? Gotta shake these feelings. #nervous

Rob- I've been waiting for this night for a long time.. Hope you don't ditch me for no reason again. #subtweet

Lindsay- Juliet better think twice before she messes with my girls and I. Not gonna be so nice next time #watchout

Ally- wish Elody would stop playing 'Splinter' by Fallacy.. She's so annoying sometimes #hatethatsong

Sam- all this déjà Vu is stressing me out.. Don't know the difference between what's real and what's a memory.. #helpme

Lindsay- don't know what's up with Sam.. She better pull it together before tonight, she's got a lot of work to do.

Elody- Sam's acting weird, but I'm sure it's nothing a little alcohol can't drown out tonight #party

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