Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quickwrite - Eden

My Eden may be a bit of an odd mix. First of all, I would need my space to be split in half. One half of this space would be an enclosed gym to satisfy my cheerleading needs. This gym would be surrounded with windows so you can see outside on sunny days. Inside this gym would be a top of the line air conditioning system and everything would be a light or dark shade of purple. The gym would be split into two rooms, one room would have a spring gymnastics floor covering the floor. This area would be used to run the cheer routine, and practice stunts. In this same room would be a viewing space with plush chairs to keep my guests comfy while watching the routine. This room would have a camera in front, which would be connected to a big screen to be able to watch the routine on playback.  The second room in my gym would be filled with training equipment: spring floors, trampolines, tumbletrak, foam mats, foam pit, all to perfect our team tumbling. 

The second half of my Eden would be the best drag racing track I have seen. The track itself would be smoothed an glued to perfection. The tower where the executives and announcers watch from would be all glass, and about 7 stories tall for better viewing. The stands of spectators would have padded seating for comfort, and shaded over hangs for hot sunny days. The concession stand would have a wide variety of food, to please any guest, and would be prepared to perfection at a resonable price. For the racers, each person has their own space to tune their cars, and clear their head. With all of their favourite snacks and beverages. Shaded overhangs would be provided so that cars and drivers don't get too hot. At the end of each race, there would be a professional photographer to take pictures of the driver and car, and would be provided for free as a momento. 

Both of my passions would be mixed into one space, drag racing and cheerleading. Which is why this would be my Eden. 

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