Tuesday, 11 March 2014

6 Word Memoir - Confession


I’m not perfect. Wish I was. I chose this photo of me for this memoir, because it is just a regular photo of me that my friend took of me. It’s not a “selfie” that took me 50 tries to get the perfect shot. There’s no posing or any anticipation whatsoever. It is just a picture of me naturally. I do not think I’m perfect. Of course as a girl, there are things about myself that I would change appearance wise. However, there are things about my outlook and attitude that I would like to change also. I wish I was able to be patient, or to be bubbly. I feel as if my persona blends in. I’m more quiet and shy, until you break the shell and I feel comfortable. I wish I could be more outgoing, but that may never change. I believe the text I chose fits well with the description of myself.
B. McMahon

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  1. Micayla McNaughtan16 March 2014 at 12:13

    Hey! I was wondering what made you choose to have your photo in black and white in your six word memoir?