Tuesday, 11 March 2014

6 Word Memoir - MY PAST


This picture is of me in grade 5. My interests were drag racing, dance, cheerleading, multi-coloured hair extensions, and Stitches animated t-shirts. I believe the text relates quite well with this photo, because well… We all had that ugly phase. Although I look back at pictures of myself and laugh, and think about how much I have changed, I also believe I’m still somewhat the same. I’ve changed in ways such as style, and better haircuts. However, I still have the exact same interests. The things I was passionate about then (drag racing, dance, cheerleading) , I’m still passionate about now. My passion for these three activities has grown. I am a little embarrassed about the clothes I wore, and the way I did my hair back then, however I’m proud of my younger self for having my own sense of style out of everyone else. I changed my haircut all the time, because I felt like it, and didn’t care what anyone else thought. Part of me wishes I still had that outlook.
Linwood School

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