Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Today we read to a grade 3 classroom in Thompson over Skype. It was really a cool experience! Of course, the kids are adorable, and made the whole experience awesome. I think my favourite part was how excited they were about the book, and how into it they were. They were saying 'Mortimer, be quiet!' Along with us, and stomping their feet as well. They really made the book more interesting for us, and I would love to do this with them again. 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Quick Write- Wasted Time

Agree. Wasting time to me is doing something that doesn't serve a purpose, or something that you could choose not to do, but do anyway. If your doing something that you enjoy doing, for example I like to browse twitter, the purpose it serves is my enjoyment. Not everything you do has to have a specific purpose to your life, sometimes enjoyment is all we need. If you enjoy wasting that time, then it is not time wasted. If you don't enjoy wasting that time, then it is time wasted. 


Quick Write- Rewind or Pause

I would want a rewind button in my life. The reason I would prefer a rewind button over a pause is because it gives you the possibility to relive things that were perfect, or to redo things that weren't. A pause button only pauses the moment (which could be helpful in stressful situations). However, I would rather have the option to relive things, to redo things. I'm a perfectionist. If things don't go the way I want them to, I get anxiety. With the rewind button I could redo these situations to make them right. There are also moments I don't want to forget, so I could rewind and relive the moment as many times as I want. 

Quick write- which door?

I would choose the Hogwarts door. I would choose this door because I am most familiar with Harry Potter. I also think I would make a great wizard. Everytime I watched a Harry Potter movie, I would go home and use a wooden spoon as a wand (when I was younger of course). I always wanted to be Hermione, because she's fearless, but mostly because she's the main female lead. Even now, I would love to feel the adrenaline that the characters feel, and step into their shoes for at least one day. Being able to perform magic would be amazing.  However, I may leave after Voldemort shows up because that's a little too intense for me.